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Working for wildlife by restoring habitat and managing for biodiversity

Image © Peter Woods


SPES’s Conservation Programs create positive impacts on the ecological integrity of Stanley Park through collaborative research and monitoring programs and hands-on stewardship activities, such as habitat restoration and invasive species removal.

SPES’s Conservation Programs also provide urban wildlife resources to improve community knowledge of wild neighbours such as Vancouver’s nesting eagles and herons and practical information for people dealing with wildlife conflict. Our internationally recognized Co-Existing with Coyotes program aims to reduce conflict between people, pets, and coyotes by providing accessible information to the public in coordination with project partners including the BC Ministry of Environment and the City of Vancouver. 

Through the creation of the State of the Park Report for the Ecological Integrity of Stanley Park (SOPEI), SPES identified gaps in ecological knowledge and created ongoing monitoring and mapping programs to evaluate indicators of environmental change in the park. The result is a comprehensive and credible basis for SPES programs that empower the community to get involved in restoring and understanding Stanley Park.