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Best Management Planning

Stanley Park Ecology Society is committed to ensuring the long-term ecological health of Stanley Park through education, stewardship, and research and monitoring programs. We work closely through a Joint Operating Agreement with the Vancouver Park Board as a park partner and in an advisory planning role. This relationship was strengthened as a result of the 2006 windstorm and subsequent Restoration Plan (2007) in which SPES was called upon to provide ecological information, participate in planning, and act as an environmental monitor for the process.

SPES has developed several foundational documents since then for use in the park’s management. Our first report outlined environmentally sensitive areas and identified species at risk and invasive species in the park. We worked with Park Board staff on the creation of their Stanley Park Forest Management Plan (2009) and took a leadership role in the creation of a complete biophysical inventory and assessment of the park’s ecosystems through The State of the Park Report for the Ecological Integrity of Stanley Park (SOPEI) (2010).

Since the release of the SOPEI report, we have worked with park staff to develop the Stanley Park Ecological Action Plan (2011) which identifies degraded ecosystems as priority areas for management and restoration in the park. The plan has been the basis of new projects working towards: