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Coyotes in vancouverCo-Existing with Coyotes provides education and practical advice and tools to respond to the presence of coyotes in their communities. It is designed to reduce conflict between people, pets, and coyotes. We engage the public through a variety of programs including:

Coyote Zone Workshop

An interactive presentation and interpretive walk designed to educate and engage residents/community groups on measures they can take to address coyote issues in their communities.

Coyote Walk

An interpretive walk designed to illustrate how and why coyotes use city green spaces and residential areas and how to respond appropriately in a coyote encounter.

Community Events

We attend community events, such as community days and festivals, with an interpretive display and activities to educate the public on coyote life history and how to co-exist successfully.

Crew Talks

Having trouble with coyotes at your workplace? Many outdoor industries expose employees to increased coyote encounters, such as golf courses, parks and industrial activities. We will visit your work site and deliver an interactive presentation and guided walk for staff to identify and mitigate coyote attractants and suggest ways for your staff to be coyote aware.

Coyote School Programs

Our school programs, designed for grades K-7 , will teach students what they need to know to co-exist safely  with coyotes.

To learn more, or to book a program, please email us at coyotes(at) or call 604-257-6908 (ext. 104)

For more information on educating your community see our tips on how to co-exist.