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Research Projects

research at stanley parkStanley Park Ecology Society strives to learn more about the wildlife and habitats that comprise Stanley Park in order to inform park management and provide the most current information for our education programs. Stanley Park’s prominence in the community and easy access offer excellent opportunities for academic institutions and professionals to partner with SPES and the Park Board to contribute meaningful and much needed research.

SPES participates in collaborations with local academic institutions and organizations to promote awareness about conservation concerns in the community. Through several forum events, we have worked to bring together local scientists, professionals, naturalists and other stakeholders to participate in strategic planning for the park’s future.

State of the Park Reporting

SPES has several ongoing wildlife and habitat monitoring programs for gathering baseline inventory information on the Park’s ecosystems. In 2010 we released the first ever State of the Park Report for the Ecological Integrity of Stanley Park (SOPEI). The second SOPEI report was released in 2020. Click here for more information on SPES’s State of the Park reporting.

Stanley Park BioBlitz

The first ever BioBlitz in Stanley Park was co-hosted by SPES and the South Coast Conservation Program in the summer of 2011. This biodiversity blitz involved local researchers, ecology experts, stewardship groups and the general public in a 24-hour science relay to identify as many living species as possible.

This unique event offered an unparalleled opportunity for visitors to experience the wonder of nature through a scientific lens and added 143 species to the list of known species for the park.

In 2017, SPES took part of the Bioblitz Canada 150. Here is the iNaturalist list of species that got identified:

Stanley Park Species list from Canada 150 Bioblitz 2017

In July 2019, the Entomological Society of British Columbia and SPES held together an insect BioBlitz. In one day, 129 observations were made with 85 species identified. The see the sighting list, visit the event’s iNaturalist page: Stanley Park BioBlitz – Entomology

Student projects

SPES encourages students and faculty at local colleges and universities to conduct research projects in Stanley Park based on current park management needs and gaps identified in the SOPEI report. Partnerships with departments at UBC, Simon Fraser University, BCIT, Douglas College, Capilano College, Langara College and Vancouver Community College have already produced valuable information about the park.

Please let us know if you are interested in getting access to some of these student reports.