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Stewardship in Action

Stewardship Programs at SPES involve careful and responsible management of Stanley Park’s ecosystems. With the help of volunteers, donors, and the Vancouver Park Board, SPES undertakes invasive species removal, habitat restoration and enhancement to maintain Stanley Park`s natural areas. Participating in the Stanley Park EcoStewards Program is a great way to get involved with the conservation of Stanley Park.

These hands-on experiences benefit participants and volunteers by providing them opportunities to take part in various restoration activities, a chance to gain skills and knowledge, and a venue for group team building.

These programs are important because they:

  • Restore and create habitat for wildlife
  • Re-establish natural ecosystem processes
  • Educate the public about stewardship and conservation

How to learn more and get involved

The ecological integrity of the Park`s ecosystems is under threat from introduced invasive plant species and other human-caused changes.