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Connecting people with nature for inspiration, engagement and empowerment

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Informative, valuable and respected

Our School Programs team takes environmental education to the classroom and brings school students to Stanley Park. Students learn hands-on about nature and how personal actions impact their world.  SPES designs and delivers curriculum-based programs for young people, and develops resources for science-shy and busy teachers.

Our groundbreaking Public Programs such as interpretive Discovery Walks, workshops and roving EcoRangers raise environmental awareness for local and international Park visitors. Thousands of participants have learned how to shrink their environmental footprint.  Sign up for monthly event bulletins

Co-Existing With Coyotes is a long-running and successful awareness and action program. It provides innovative and unique education for students and communities on how to prevent conflicts between humans and urban coyotes.

SPES has also provided interpretive signage throughout Stanley Park. Walking on interior trails, on the seawall or around the lakes, take some time to read these to gain insights on the immediate stories of Park ecology.  

SPES makes information available through many report, newsletters and studies captured as resources.


SPES has seen the power of environmental education and has placed it at the heart of our work. We strive to:

  • Develop informative facilities, strategic services and accessible programs for schools, the public and individuals
  • Provide groups and individuals with opportunities to engage and interact with their natural environment in a meaningful, informative and responsible way
  • Have participants of all ages take away a sense of connection to and commitment to the natural world of Stanley Park
  • Contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the Park Management and operations teams