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Coyote School Programs

Coyotes have become ever present in the urban environment we share. Our coyote-preparedness education program empowers students (K-7) with the knowledge they need to prevent people-coyote conflicts and how to react appropriately in coyote encounters. Please use our freely available PAC / teacher kit to help build coyote awareness in your school.

Coyotes 101

An interactive multimedia auditorium presentation for students (K-7) that teaches:

  • Coyote identification, behaviour, and how coyotes came to our city
  • How to identify and remove coyote attractants from school grounds and neighbourhood
  • What to do if they encounter a coyote

Venue: Auditorium or Gymnasium

Time: 30 minutes with 5 minutes for questions

Size: 350 students (maximum)

Cost: $225

  • Schools within non-partner municipalities (not Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, and West Vancouver) are given an additional surcharge of $50 – totalling $275

Online Programming during COVID-19

Coyotes 101 is now available virtually! This option allows school staff to easily book a 45-minute to 1-hour session within a school day, covering all of the topics offered by the in-person presentation. We are happy to adapt our programming methods with the safety of the community in mind.

Here are details for the online Coyotes 101 session:
$80 fee per presentation for partner municipalities (Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, West Vancouver); $100 fee for non-partner municipalities
Live presentation for interaction and a Q&A segment with the expert
45-minute time block – 30 minutes for the presentation; 15 minutes for Q&A
Optional: Additional 15-minute, post-presentation activity – trivia quiz and crafting personal “coyote shakers” (students or school to provide materials of empty pop can and pennies/rocks)
Recommended maximum of 60 students/participants to maintain educational and interactive quality
► Streaming platform can be arranged by us or the school, as desired. However, we request the help of one teacher/staff person to act as a moderator.

To book a program, please fill in the form below.

To book a program, please fill in the form below.

If you are interested in having a Coyotes 101 at your school, please fill out the inquiry form below. If you have any questions about the program or about coyotes on school grounds, please e-mail or call us at (604) 257-6908 ext. 104.

Coyotes 101 Booking Inquiry

  • Coyotes 101 is normally offered in a school gym or auditorium for up to 300 children. During this stage of the pandemic, we are offering Coyotes 101 as an online presentation.
    We prefer to schedule in-person programs at 11 a.m. or 1 p.m. in order to avoid traffic; please choose "other" to request a different time. In-person presentations are 45 minutes long, including Q&A. We set up and take down 20 minutes around the presentation time.