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Online Programs

Online programs will take place on Zoom, and include live program delivery with an educator, interactive quizzes, and question and answer time. Curriculum connections for these programs are forthcoming.

Photo by Kathleen Stormont / SPES

Photo by Kathleen Stormont / SPES

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Program Fees

For the 2020-2021 school year, the fee for a 1 hour online program is $100 for up to 25 students (this is the pilot pricing and is subject to change).

If this cost is prohibitive (i.e. your school requires enhanced services) please email us.



Programs Offered

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Photo: Mark White

All About Eagles

Join us for a webinar to learn more about this charismatic apex predator and find out the answers to all your eagle questions. How big are their nests? Why are they “bald”? And what do they like to eat other than fish? Learn all these things and more, with videos and photos of these magnificent birds of prey.

Photo: Milva DeSiena

Outstanding Owls

Join us for an online owl program! You will learn all about the owls that frequent Stanley Park, the sounds they make, and what they look like with photos and owl taxidermy. We will also talk about what they eat, how they hunt, and the most recent sightings in Stanley Park.

Photo: Mark White

Rambunctious River Otters

Splash into this webinar to learn about everyone’s favourite whimsical water weasel, the North American river otter! Find out some of the answers to common questions about these engaging mammals, like how are they different from beavers, how long can they hold their breath, and do they design their own dens? You will also hear about the river otters that frequent the waters in and around Stanley Park.

Photo: SPES

Beautiful Bats

Come ‘hang’ in this webinar to get a glimpse into the lives of the only true flying mammal – the bat! Learn the basics about these often-misunderstood creatures, including what bats eat, how they find their food, and why they are so important both in the maintenance of our ecosystems and in our daily lives.

Photo Credit: Michael Schmidt

Stanley Park Squirrels

Scurry on over to this program to peek into the life of a resident rodent of Stanley Park: the squirrel! We will dig into the squirrel species found in Stanley Park (Douglas squirrels, Eastern gray squirrels, and flying squirrels), explore their many talents and acrobatic antics, and provide a glimpse of what they are up to during the winter.  Join us to learn more about this fascinating furry friend of the forest!