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Donor Information

Why donate to the Stanley Park Ecology Society?

Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES) is a non-profit organization rooted in the community. A respected Park Partner of the Vancouver Park Board, SPES is the only organization with a Joint Operating Agreement to provide land-based educational programming and environmental stewardship in Stanley Park. For over two decades, SPES has used interpretive programming and community initiatives to bring about positive change and awareness of Stanley Park as a precious urban oasis, and to promote its ecological well-being.

We’re growing and need your support

With an ever increasing demand for programming, SPES cannot work in isolation. SPES needs your support to remain vital. We have a history of leveraging every dollar donated to have the greatest possible impact towards preserving the ecological integrity of Stanley Park. With a modest annual operating budget of approximately $480,000, we work year-round to deliver programming with a broad impact. Our Annual Report outlines all areas of SPES’s influence.

How we receive our support

SPES Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Revenue Sources

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SPES Program Activities – Expenses 2015 – 2016

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What does Stanley Park mean to you?

To the Stanley Park Ecology Society, the value of the Park is clear. It represents a rich enclave of biodiversity, important in and of itself. Nature also helps build social capital by providing valuable opportunities for:

  • Family bonding
  • Social interaction
  • Individual well-being

Healthy citizens promote a healthy society. As an independent non-profit with minimal bureaucracy, SPES goes beyond government conservation efforts and is positioned as a key influencer when managing issues like saving wetlands, habitat restoration and preservation.

A leader in public education and stewardship

By connecting individuals to nature and using the Park itself as a classroom, SPES empowers the community through unique collaborations that will sustain the Park’s natural ecosystem for generations to come.

SPES is proud to be a leader in the implementation of diverse experiential learning opportunities. School, Public and Conservation Programs engage participants with hands-on science and interpretive activities empowering stewardship in the fragile balance of the Stanley Park urban ecosystem. By becoming a donor you become a partner in this important work.

SPES is increasingly busy, raising awareness and respect for the natural world through initiatives in education, stewardship and conservation.

Every year, SPES:

  • Offers free or low-cost interactive public programs that give thousands of children and adults an opportunity to discover more about the natural wonders of an urban wildlife oasis
  • Connects over 12,000 school students with nature through our dynamic school programs
  • Engages community volunteers and citizen scientists in the stewardship of Stanley Park through activities including monitoring species and ecosystems at risk and restoring habitat

It’s easy to donate

Donations are welcome online through Canada Helps. Alternatively, call us directly at 604-257-6908 (ext. 106) and SPES will be delighted to process your donation and receive the full value of your donation.

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SPES wishes to thank all our donors – past, present and future – for their contributions.