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Volunteer Opportunities

Postsecondary Student Board Position


To introduce Board governance to a student volunteer with career interests in the fields of environmental conservation and/or education. The person will be a full member of the Board, with all attendant rights and responsibilities.


● To provide exposure to and experience in governance issues.

● To introduce a youth perspective into Board deliberations. Our Bylaws allow for Board members as young as 18.

● To establish a cadre of individuals who, at various points of their careers, may use their familiarity with SPES to assist it in various ways.

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Co-Existing with Coyotes Info Line Responders

After undergoing training with the Co-existing with Coyotes(CwC) Coordinator, the volunteer will respond to public inquiries and concerns regarding coyotes by answering messages from our coyote information line and e-mail. The volunteer will suggest measures to prevent human/coyote conflict, answer questions regarding coyote natural history, notify the coordinator of emergency situations or sightings of aggressive coyotes, and enter coyote sighting information into the database (this may be done from home after undergoing training). There will also be opportunities to assist the CwC Coordinator with community events, workshops, and special project work, if interested.

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