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On these pages you’ll find video clips and footage that SPES is featured in or videos that illustrate some of the projects we have been involved in.

  • Wildlife
    Stanley Park provides important breeding and migration habitat for many species. Some of these are the charismatic resident bald eagles and great blue herons which can be seen all year around in the Park.
  • Environmental Art Projects/Habitat Restoration
    One of SPES’ key priorities is to manage invasive species and enhance wildlife habitats in the Park. Over the years SPES has been involved in a number of environmental art project that make use of the invasive plant material that our Stewardship Program removes from the forest. 
  • Constructing the Cob House
    The Cob House is one of Stanley Park Ecology Society’s most innovative and successful fundraising initiatives. Built in 2004 by volunteers set on producing an environmentally sustainable community art project, the house is made entirely of straw, clay, sand, and reclaimed materials and topped with a living roof.